The Foundation was set up in 2015 to raise funds to support the education, skills and capabilities of disadvantaged young people to enable them to participate fully in society as independent and responsible individuals.

The support is particularly focussed on the TBAP Trust Academies in London, Surrey and Cambridge. The young people at these Academies have all been excluded from mainstream schools and many have grown up in very challenging circumstances.

At the TBAP Academies they are taught in small groups and many flourish academically; others discover their non-academic strengths. They are also supported emotionally and are encouraged to build a future for themselves they can believe in.
The Foundation aims to provide the learners with equipment and extra curricular opportunities which are not covered by core educational funding, and to support them as they prepare for higher education or employment. A donation of whatever size will make a difference and will help to give every child a chance

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Registered Charity Number 1164504


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Welcome to TBAP Foundation

Penny Marshall
- Founder Trustee

How TO Support Us
What We Aim To Achieve

TBAP TSA is driven by vision of the highest quality teachers, delivering the highest quality learning within classrooms that are responsive to the needs of the learners in them. As an outstanding school we want the opportunity to share our success with not only other providers of alternative provision but also mainstream schools.

How We Aim To Do It

We will broker School to School support through the use of SLEs who can scaffold developmental work within your school. We offer a range of CPD modules which cover a wide variety of areas, we are confident that there is something there for everyone. We will offer placements for staff who are studying NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH.

Ways To Donate
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